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Central Heating Management System Technology

Thermodynamics is based upon two fundamental laws – the first and second laws of thermodynamics. When heating a room by a radiator in central heating system energy is stored in the hot water (matter) flowing into the radiator. The hot water heats the panel of the radiator, which causes energy, in the form of heat, to be transported from the hot water into the cooler air of the room. The first law of thermodynamics demands that the amount of energy gained by the air in the room must exactly equal the energy that is lost by the heated water in the radiator.

Understanding the technology that drives the Central Heating Management System means we are constantly looking to improve the components that make up the system.

Currently the The Central Heating Management system Advanced Series Comprises of:

Central Heating Management System Advanced Series – WRAS approved

Globus Controller
3 zone controller

Globus Touchscreen Wall Thermostat
Digital touchscreen, Energy Saving Trust recommended

Globus 6M Pump
ERP Compliant 6 metre pump LED display – 130 mm – KTL coating

Globus 2 Port Motorised Valve
96% more efficient than standard spring valve

System Cleaning
In installation your system will be cleaned through to ensure your system has no debris to inhibit circulation / flow of water

Globus Cleaner
1 litre – up to 12 radiators – Benchmark approved

Globus Inhibitor
1 litre – Energy Saving Trust recommended

Globus Thermostatic Radiator Valves
Pack of 10 – liquid temperature sensor Solar Keymark approved

10x Globus Radiator Lockshields
Pack of 10 – matching white and chrome finish, bidirectional flow, can be mounted vertically or horizontally

Globus Brass/Copper Pack
Auto air vent, gate valve, 1 inch brass plug x3, pump valves x2, 1 inch – 22 mm connector x4

Globus Wiring Box
3 relay junction box

Globus Pipestat
Temperature reader

Globus Carpet Protector
25 Metres

CHMS technology