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Commercial RHI

What is the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive?

The Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is a Government environmental programme that provides financial incentives to increase the uptake of renewable heat. For the non-domestic sector broadly speaking it provides a subsidy, payable for 20 years, to eligible, non-domestic renewable heat generators and producers of biomethane for injection based in Great Britain. Of course this is subject to the detailed scheme rules.

Ofgem is responsible for implementing and administering the scheme on behalf of the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

What is the purpose of the scheme?

By providing a long-term financial incentive, the objective of the Non-Domestic RHI is to significantly increase the proportion of heat generated from renewable sources.  By driving change in a heat sector currently dominated by fossil fuel technologies, the RHI can help the UK meet EU targets to reduce carbon emissions and improve energy security. In addition the Non-Domestic RHI has the wider potential of developing ‘green jobs’.

Who is the scheme for?

The Non-Domestic RHI is open to the non-domestic sector including industrial, commercial, public sector and not-for-profit organisations with eligible installations, and to producers of biomethane. In the context of the scheme, a non-domestic installation is a renewable heat unit that supplies large-scale industrial heating to small community heating projects.

This includes for example small businesses, hospitals and schools as well as district heating schemes such as where one boiler serves multiple homes.  All applications are subject to the detailed scheme rules.

About the Commercial Renewable Heat Incentive (Phase 1)

Non-Profit-Making or Not for Profit, Charities, Commercial, Private and Public sector companies can apply to the RHI Commercial scheme, launched in November 2011.

RHI Incentive Payments are calculated according to the amount of heat they produce and use and paid over a 20 year period, index-linked to inflation. As well as the payments, qualifying enterprises can make more than 50% savings on their fuel bills compared to fossil fuels. All this equates to a payback within approximately 7-8 years (including cost of finance).


Once your biomass boiler is installed you will need to get your biomass boiler accredited by OFGEM, with our help! You will be given you a good idea of the payment you could expect at the beginning of your project.


VERDO RENEWABLES UK commercial biomass

Verdo Renewables has two production plants in the UK, in Andover in Hampshire and Grangemouth in Scotland. Each plant has an annual production capacity of 55,000 tonnes of wood pellets and 15,000 tonnes of briquettes.

All Verdo Renewables products are manufactured from locally sourced virgin timber within the UK, and no additives of any kind are included within the wood pellet manufacturing process.

Verdo Renewables wood pellets are classed as Grade 1 premium pellets which conform with the latest European Standard ENplus. Verdo Renewables has been awarded the ENplus Certificate UK001.

Verdo briquettes offer easy and convenient combustion and are suitable for burning in multi-fuel stoves, log burners and open fireplaces.

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Commercial Series Wood Pellet Boiler

The Bio-flame Commercial series wood peller boiler by Bio-flame Wood Pellet Boilers is available in 55,85,100,125, 199 & 250kW models.commercial biomass boilers

With a nominal outputs from 55kw to 250kW it is suited to small to medium sized commercial applications.

With efficiencies > 90%, ultra low emissions and the smallest footprint of any biomass boiler in its class it suits many locations where size is an issue.

Key features include :

Very small footprint – heat exchanger 750mm x 950mm.

Various configurations of feed system will be available from vacuum feed to direct auger feed from bulk storage.

Self cleaning burner and heat exchanger.


Clean Air Act Compliant

LAN connection through ethernet port for remote control and monitoring as standard.

Cascade control.

Bio-flame Wood Pellet Boilers are subject to regular third party Product Surveillance Audits which is part of our commitment to supplying our customers with consistently high quality products.??Manufactured from the highest quality materials in our ISO 9001?accredited production facility you know you have a quality product.



Bio-Cabin Commercial Biomass Boiler

The Bio-Cabin is available in a variety of designs and include the Bio-flame Commercial range of biomass boilers (55kW up to 250kW) Bio-Cabin Commercial Biomass Boiler – This versatile commercial Bio-flame biomass boiler offers our commercial customers exceptional flexibility & easy to install. Our large commercial customers (large thermal energy users) purchase the Bio-Cabin solution to assist in reducing heating costs and improving their carbon footprint most importantly benefiting from the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). The Bio-Cabin is a pre-packed solution with the biomass boiler, buffer tanks and controls pre-plumbed, pre-wired off site. It is delivered to the owners commercial property ready to plug in & play.??The Bio-Cabin is proving to be an exceptional cost saving biomass heating solution to farmers, local authorities & councils, larger commercial businesses such as hotels, leisure centres, etc….

The Bio-Cabin offers a 10 year guarantee & the installation and commissioning is all part of the packages available..

It’s never been easier to change your commercial heating system to biomass. Components: Bio-Cabin Commercial Boiler (85-199kW) Buffer Tank 1500-3000 Heat Metre Fuel Transportation System – Auger or Vac fill/Schellinger mole options RHI Compliant Heat Metre Pre-wired & Pre-plumbed

Biomass cabin

Indoor Pellet Storage Solution

Bio-flame indoor pellet store is a very simple and easy to install Indoor Pellet storage solution. Typically the Bio-flame indoor pellet store is set up close to the boiler in either a garage, basement or dedicated plant room. The Bio-flame indoor pellet store comes with fuel capacities ranging from 1.1 tonnes to 10.2 tonnes. Filling points (camlock fittings) are fitted to the silo and Bulk Fuel delivery truck’s filling hoses are compatible with the Bio-flame indoor pellet store filling points.

Biomass pellet storageA sturdy galvanised bottom is fitted with either a Direct Auger system or a Suction system. The Silo its self is woven resistant anti static plastic. ??Bio-flame Biomass Wood Pellet products are Subject to regular third party Product Surveillance

Audits which is part of our commitment to supplying our customers with consistently high quality products.??Manufactured from the highest quality materials in our ISO 9001 accredited production facility you know you have a quality product.


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Buffer Tanks

Buffer tanks supplier is based in the UK. Specification and supply of buffer tanks and accumulator tank solutions for all aspects of renewable energy systems. Biomass boilers and wood burning stoves, to heat pumps and solar powered water systems. We have a buffer tank solution that meets your needs.

We have a large portfolio of buffer tanks and accessories for all requirements. We can supply heat storage accumulator tanks from 200L to 18000L. Or can help to specify a buffer tank, thermal store or solar hot water cylinder to suit any project, no matter how large or small.

All of our range of vessels are manufactured in accordance with latest European Standards and are CE marked where applicable. Buffer tanks are held in stock at our UK warehouse, for immediate despatch.

We can supply to trade customers, or help with individual projects. Our range of products shown on the site can also be tailored to meet individual needs. We can supply buffer tanks, and accumulator tanks throughout  the UK, from Scotland to Wales, and England to Ireland.

We are committed to helping you select the right product for your project, and can happily give help or advice on your requirements.

buffer tanks

Commercial biomass jobs

Biomass boilers and wood pellet fuel

The term biomass refers to a type of fuel used as an alternative to fossil fuels such as coal.  Generally the term biomass can refer to either animal or vegetable carbon derived matter which could be in the form of either wooden logs, pellets or chips – wooden pellets being the most energy efficient.  Our biomass boilers use this most effective and beneficial of biomass fuel – wood pellets.

Wood pellets are small cylindrical pieces of waste wood.  Wooden logs and chips retain moisture and therefore absorb more energy before combustion takes place.  On the other hand wood pellets have the moisture completely removed which allows combustion to take place faster, therefore ensuring maximum energy release in the quickest time possible.

Commercial biomass