Commercial Biomass Case Study: Hamilton FC

/Commercial Biomass Case Study: Hamilton FC
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  • Fuel Cost Saving: 35%
  • C02 Saving: Over 500 tonnes p.a.
  • Total Project Price: Over £290,000 (Free for Hamilton Football Club)
  • Generates Renewable Heat


Supply and installation of 500kW Froling Turbomat biomass boiler.

Supplies heating and hot water for stadium, offices, conference rooms etc.

A Bespoke Energy Cabin including both biomass boiler and internal fuel store was required to meet the minimum demand.

Boiler and associated pipework was connected existing closed circuit wet system.

“We are experiencing a rise in the number of sports/hospitality businesses turning to fully funded biomass heating systems. With no capital outlay or expenditure required, it allows organisations to take control of their energy bills and use the savings to reinvest in other aspects of their business.”

Jack Hollihan
Executive Chairman, BioFund

BackgroundHamilton FC biomass abin

Based in South Lanarkshire, Hamilton Academical Football Club compete in the Scottish Premiership, having been promoted from the 2013–14 Scottish Championship.


The age and rising cost of Hamilton FC’s heating system had caused management to look at change. The stadium heating and hot water was supplied predominately by gas mains. An air conditioning system was used to supplement heating various areas (offices, conference rooms etc.) The objective was for a new biomass heating system to lead to significant savings for Hamilton, both in fuel costs and CO2 emissions.

About BioFund

BioFund, a UK private “green energy” investment company, buys and installs, at its own expense, 200KW+ biomass boilers at UK businesses and authorities that use sizeable amounts of heat at their premises. BioFund provide the full capital outlay for the entire installation including biomass boiler, fuel storage, delivery system and supporting hardware. The end users benefit from lower energy costs and new boiler plant at no cost. BioFund gets its return from government payments for the boilers’ use.

About EAC

Being one of the UK’s leading providers of renewable energy products made EAC the perfect partner for the Biofund.

EAC`s role is to manage and assist with the project application; survey, design, and planning. They also are responsible for the installation and commissioning of the biomass boiler as well as the on-going servicing and maintenance.

Project Summary

The project consisted of the following:

  • Supply and installation of Fröling woodchip boiler rated at 500kW;
  • Extract and transfer augers from delivery chip store;
  • Offload and craning into position;
  • 15,000 litre accumulator tank;
  • All electrical installation works;
  • Boiler build, commissioning and training;
  • Back end protection;
  • Design and installation drawings;
  • Installation of all hydraulic pipework to Boilers and re-connection to existing circuits;
  • Installation of new circuit to serve DHW system;
  • Supply and Installation of suitable High Recovery DHW Cylinders;
  • Strip Out of redundant equipment;
  • Flue Installations;
  • Fuel Store

The Result

  • Biomass Fuel Cost Saving: 35%
  • C02 Saving: Over 500 tonnes p.a.
  • Total Project Price: Over £290,000 (Free for Hamilton Football Club)
  • Generates Renewable Heat

Official Grand Opening of Biomass System


Biomass Boiler Cabin Location

Biomass Boiler Cabin Location