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The Big Magic Thermodynamic BoxThe Big Magic Thermodynamic Box combines innovative Solar Assisted Heat Pump technology with an A rated, KIWA approved stainless steel cylinder to create our first ever thermodynamic cylinder.

The Big Magic Thermodynamic Box is the all in one solution to your hot water heating requirements. Enabling us to offer a complete range of Solar Assisted Heat Pumps, with either our 130L or 200L indirect, unvented cylinder, suitable for every installation. This hot water heating and storage system has been MCS tested and utilises our already proven technologies.

Relying on the same thermodynamic principles as our existing Solar Assisted Heat Pump range, the Big Magic Thermodynamic Box transfers this energy to water within its casing, to efficiently and cost effectively handle the water heating for use in your home.


How does it work?

The Thermodynamic Collector circulates refrigerant liquid where energy is absorbed from the ambient temperature.

This transforms the liquid into a gas, which carries the heat energy to the Solar Assisted Heat Pump.

The Solar Assisted Heat Pump then compresses the gas which increases the temperature.

The spent gas reverts back to a liquid which flows back in the panel, allowing the process to start again.

Simultaneously, the superheated gas heats the water within the cylinder using a proprietary process.

This process continues until the water in the cylinder reaches 55C.

Once this is achieved the system goes into standby mode.


The Big Magic Thermodynamic Box is a great renewable energy option for heating your water. Using natural energy for your water heating makes this a very cost effective and environmentally friendly solution. Solar Thermal panels can be quite high maintenance, with lots of ongoing costs involved to keep your solar thermal panels clean and working. The thermodynamic collector is a much lower maintenance system. With little to no running costs involved compared to solar thermal panels, and the water heating working both day and night, all year, no matter the weather. This all goes to make the Big Magic Thermodynamic Box an ideal money saving, green water heating solution for your home.

* Unvented Expansion kit included which contains, 18L expansion vessel, 1.5KW immersion heater, dual thermostat, temperature / pressure relief valve, pressure reducing valve & tun dish.