EAC`s Solar Panel Questions Answered!

/EAC`s Solar Panel Questions Answered!
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EAC`s Solar Panel Questions Answered!

Q. What is solar energy?

A. Solar energy is energy gained from the sun’s radiation. The suns energy is renewable so it will never run out!

Q. How will solar energy benefit me?

A. Everyone can benefit from having solar installed as most properties are compatible with our systems. Once installed you will enjoy reduced utility bills for the rest of your life, increase the carbon value of your home, become more environmentally friendly and generate a second income.

Q. How much money can I save a year on average by using solar energy?

A. With our PV installations not only will you save money on your electric you will be paid 3.79p for every unit of electricity that the system generates under the current ‘Feed in tariff’ scheme. Savings of up to £87 are possible on a 4kW system.

Q. How does solar energy help the environment?

A. Solar energy is a natural and renewable resource without creating any harmful emissions. Nonrenewable fossil fuels will typically release carbon dioxide which over time has become harmful to our environment. Unlike gas and oil, solar energy is clean, abundant and free while being 100% renewable.

Q. How long does the system take to install?

A. Every property is different but on average a solar installation will take between 1 and 2 days.

Q. Will it work all year round?

A. Yes.  Typical British weather is cloudy skies with intermittent sunshine so our panels make the most of direct sunlight and diffused sunlight all year round.

Q. Why apply sooner rather than later?

A. The feed-in-tariff is a government scheme to encourage early take up of solar PV technology. The people who buy into the feed-in-tariff early are guaranteed the best possible rate over the 20 years. The government has said that they are going to be reducing the rate over the coming years.

Q. Do solar panels work on cloudy days?

A. Yes! Solar PV Systems can work, even during wet and cloudy days. This is because PV panels use daylight as well as direct sunlight.

Q. Do I need planning permission?

A. This is not a requirement in most properties other than grade A listed buildings and certain conservation areas that require local authority permission.

Q. Why use EAC?

A. We install a variety of systems to suit the individual home. We feel this is vital to our success as we guarantee to install the right system to your home making sure you receive a professional service from start to completion.

For further information about financial incentives, see http://www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/Generate-your-own-energy/Financial-incentives/Cashback-calculator