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Energy Saving Insulated Conservatory RoofingThermotec roof

It’s a shame that most people who invest in a conservatory find that they struggle to keep it warm in the winter and to keep it cool in the heat of the summer months.

Thermotec makes all these negatives a thing of the past with high density insulated panels replacing the glass or polycarbonate roof you currently have.

With up to 150mm of high density insulation in the lightweight roofing panels, a Thermotec roof transforms your conservatory into a usable space that is warmer when you need warmth, cooler under the summer sun and generally far more comfortable to use – permanently.

Fact and figures show, with a Thermotec Roof, you will spend less on heat in the winter and spend less on air-conditioning in the summer!

Air conditioning and heating can be (and often are) installed in conservatories but they cost a small fortune in energy costs and, air-conditioners are fighting a losing battle against heat through the roof and a large amount of the heat produced be electric heaters or radiators goes straight through the roof.

Of course, we all know that heaters and air-conditioning units are not environmentally friendly.

Finally, you will be using your conservatory in all the ways you probably dreamed about when you originally had it built.


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A “u value” is a measurement of heat loss, Expressed as W/m2k

W = heat loss in watts.

m2 = square metre of material (E G glass, polycarbonate or wall.)

k = outside temperature which is one degree lower.

The lower the u value the better the insulation.

For example a straw bale wall would have an excellent u value of 0.13Wm2k (zero point one three) and an old type solid 225mm (9”) wall would have a u value of 2.0 Wm2k (a full two)

That’s 1.87 higher that the straw wall.

The u value of 16mm polycarbonate is 2.4Wm2k

The u value of old double glazing would be about 2.0Wmk2 (the same as the old solid wall)

At this time Building regulations for glazing require a u value of 1.6Wm2k

THERMOTEC  PANELS  at 75mm depth have a u value of 0.29Wm2k

That’s 2.11 Lower than 16mm polycarbonate

Thermotec roof1
Thermotec roof2
Thermotec roof3

Thermotec roof4The Main Benefits of an Insulated Conservatory Roof

Being able to enjoy your conservatory all year round is just one of many benefits you will enjoy after converting your glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof with a Thermotec insulated roof.

For many years the biggest problems with conservatory have been

◦the high level of noise during bad weather (wind and rain, in particular)

◦the inability to minimise heat buildup and glare in the summer months

◦being very difficult to keep warm in winter months.

The Thermotec roofing system transforms your conservatory into a truly versatile living space that you really can enjoy all year round regardless if it is pouring down with rain, blowing a gale, freezing or when the sun is shining!